Back again!

Hello friends, I took a rather long hiatus, due to traveling almost every week for the past month or so. To be honest, my body and mind have not caught up in getting rest… So when those last few Thursdays rolled around, I just haven’t had the energy to post! (Although, I think I’ve come … More Back again!

May’s a fish

April showers bring May fishes? Truth be told, the few months leading up to April 10th (which was the day of my husband’s PhD dissertation defense), we have been eating so poorly, that it was really affecting my body. On top of that, when we would go out to eat, we were eating very decadently. … More May’s a fish

Mindfulness continued: eat your peas

So this month’s journey through mindfulness has been interesting. I’ve sort of been applying to different aspects of my life, just to test the waters. Last week’s post Mimetic desire was about being mindful when you are tempted by things or tempted by seeing what others have. This week, I experimented with mindfulness with eating. Not in … More Mindfulness continued: eat your peas

Mimetic desire

This phrase is something I heard at a talk I recently went to. The context it was used in had to do with how Asian spices were thought of such luxuries in Europe (before colonization, etc.). The demand existed because people viewed them with desire and thus they were considered exotic.  “Mimetic desire’ refers to … More Mimetic desire

Madness ensued..

March Mindfulness continued… Life is a little crazy right now. Things are up in the air. Looming over my head. I don’t know how or where life will take us in the coming months. (I know, it sounds so doom and gloom over here…) Seriously, when I was thinking of doing the mindfulness-thing for the … More Madness ensued..

March Mindfulness

Be Mindful You, know, like March Madness? But, a little bit more calm? Perhaps, a little less yelling at your Sweet 16 team in the running? Okay, it’s only the first of March, so maybe I should save some of the jokes for the next few weeks? While wrapping up the last month (project- self … More March Mindfulness

all of the love.

Well, yesterday was Valentine’s day. I’m sure many of you celebrated the day- flowers, fancy dinner, got all dressed up, etc. Last night I had a slightly different day. The hubby and I have been together now for 9 V-days. With all that’s been going on in our lives, we just didn’t seem to want … More all of the love.