Barrels of Feelings

February, the month of self-love~ This month’s project has been all about self-love. I gave myself one main task this month- to focus on writing down two positive ‘self-love’ thoughts every day. And, just a heads up, THIS IS NOT EASY! Every night, I look back on the day and do a quick analysis… I … More Barrels of Feelings

25 days

Journey to 30 So the time has come. January 2018. I’m going to be 30 in 25 days and it’s kind-of scary. Another decade complete, twenties long gone… So, from what I’ve heard, your 30s are supposed to be great, but I don’t know that just yet! Hopefully it will be, but I have another … More 25 days

And we’re BACK!

Happy New Year !! Well, hello 2018! It’s good to be back on the blogosphere! I took a week off to focus on spending my time with my family and friends. I have to admit, it felt good breaking away from social media for a while! The hiatus served me well, and I’m ready to … More And we’re BACK!


Revelations continued… I’ve been distracted. The hubby and I are only about a week away from jumping on a plane back to our hometown, and I can’t concentrate on anything! I keep reminding myself, there are just a few things I need to square away before getting home for the holidays, but the days are … More Mindful


In congruence with the theme of December, I’m going to continue writing about things that I’ve come to really think about this year. Revelations continued…. You go off to college. You make some of the best friends that you will probably ever make in your life. Your college years are wonderful. Years later,  some of … More Friendship