Pinstripe and Pink

To be honest, that whole putting outfits together-slump is still going on... something's shaken my confidence- and somehow, I need to figure out a way to quickly get my groove back.... ! Anyways, I'm writing this as I watch the Game 7 of the World Series! (Go Astros!!!) Talk about a rollercoaster ride of a series...... Continue Reading →

Speckled Sweaters

I finally got around to organizing that closet this weekend! Sweater weather, I am READY! Please, global warming, don't make this winter too erratic! It's funny how you forget what you have when you haven't looked at it in like 9 months....Word to the wise- don't add too much to your next season's collection until... Continue Reading →

Colder temperatures have me like…

Oh Zara, why must you have sooo many incredibly cute things? Remember how in the last post, I mentioned Zara's Fall/Winter line? I mean, they've already debuted with new items- I may need to take a road trip to Atlanta really soon... This outfit is a style really different for me, but it keeps things simple-... Continue Reading →

Plaid and ruffles

It's Monday! Another week begins and we're off to the races. I hope your start to the week was not too rough! I had one of those days where I had to hit the ground running- however, it ended up being a pretty productive one!  Today's post features this super cute plaid dress with ruffles... Continue Reading →

Suede and Herringbone

Remember how I once talked about going through that rut where I can't seem to put anything together?? Well, that's sorta what's been going on right now... The easiest solution for when this occurs- is to put the simplest of colors together. Black and white, gray and blue, you get the picture. I was on... Continue Reading →

Merlot anyone?

That moment when you upgrade to red wine makes you feel so grown up right? Merlot did that for me...'Why, yes! I would like a glass of your best medium-bodied merlot' (don't I sound fancy?) Well I think all that complaining of unnatural warm weather paid off for a bit- we had some great cool... Continue Reading →

Tomato Red

So of course, I forgot my camera at home for these pictures.... so bear with the iPhone pictures for today! The fog set over Nashville today... and it finally cooled down! Don't get your hopes up, it might not be as long-lasting until the cold actually sets for the winter, but I'll take it! Today's... Continue Reading →

Summer won’t leave…

My closet is ready for Fall, but Mother Nature has other plans. Every morning I eye those sweaters so longingly, and yet the weather app dismays me. All of this in-between temps has gotten me confused, and the inspiration kind of at a low point.   Today's post features a pretty simple outfit, cargo jacket... Continue Reading →

Still thinking of the weekend…

As you may have gathered from my Instagram posts, this last weekend we had a very large religious celebration. In Bengali culture, Durga Puja is like at the level of Christmas. (without the presents) Durga Puja celebrates the homecoming of Ma Durga. Goddess Durga is the embodiment of female power and the feminine counterpart to... Continue Reading →

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