Oh, hello there!

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a WHILE. I think the last three or four posts were intermixed with ‘yet another hiatus’ but truth be told, I just needed some time to step away from it all. My heart just wasn’t in it, and I just can’t produce blog posts out of thin air! It’s just not genuine enough! Speaking of genuine-ness, I felt as though I was caught up in this weird Instagram/Blogosphere where I was way too focused on what everyone else was doing! I sort of lost my original purpose, and the fun just got sucked out of it all. It wasn’t a hobby any more. Well, the very long hiatus felt good. I feel fulfilled in the sense that it has reminded me of what I wanted to work on with this blog and gave me a chance to reconnect.

I know I started last year with a string of 30-day projects, trying things that I had contemplated before. It was supposed to be a full year of resolutions. WELL 2018 did not end up producing 12 resolutions to be tested the way that I had originally envisioned. And that’s totally fine. This whole notion of resolutions at the beginning of the year is not really sustainable. Rather, take time to set goals for what you want the upcoming year to be.

When we think resolution, we become fixated on fixing ourselves. While we can always strive to be better, it’s not the most productive way to do it. Besides, we shouldn’t just wait until January to be better… To twist the thought up, I decided that this year I would focus on what I wanted to accomplish instead. Seriously, just changing the way you think about something as daunting as a resolution can make a difference in how you perceive it!

When we think resolution, we become fixated on fixing ourselves. While we can always strive to be better, it’s not the most productive way to do it.

For 2019, I wanted my yearly goals to be thought of differently. From all of what I have seen thus far for talk of resolutions, etc. etc. most influencers have stayed away from using the word altogether. The ‘New Year, Same Me’ mantra has taken form, and the general idea seems to be one of – you are great the way you are! While I am all for that, I do believe in harnessing the hope the new year brings. I’m not necessarily fond of gimmicky diets/workout plans, etc. etc. I do believe in bettering your mind, your life, and your spirit. I have tons of goals for this year. If I had to file them away under a single, broad resolution, it would be to expand my mind. I want 2019 to be a year of learning.

Yes, I know that’s sooo broad!! But it’s one simple thing that can easily be applied to EVERY SINGLE aspect of your life! Learn to cook new recipes, learn new skills, learn a new hobby, learn, learn, learn. If there is ONE thing I have learned in these 31-odd years, is that you can never stop learning, and that your hunger to learn should never die down!

When we are children, society throws piano lessons, soccer practice, swimming lessons, foreign language etc. at us in the hopes of us picking up something long-term. When we reach adulthood, however, we fall into this routine of work-home-work-home-weekend fun-work-home. We forget to supplement our lives with learning for fun, or we take another half of our lives to realize that we need it. So, why wait?

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