Adjusting to a New Groove

So, as some of you may now know, the hubby and I recently relocated to a new city. Thankfully, we moved to the incredibly beautiful New England city of Boston (I don’t think anyone really calls it that… but whatever). This is the first time for both of us to live so far up north in the United States, and honestly, I don’t think we can just get over the quaintness that this side of the country has to offer. There are idyllic little towns that nestle the outskirts of Boston, the ones where Main Street look just like those puzzles depicting old town America. There’s just so much history here, it’s a little crazy for me to believe that this is where I live now! (Yes, I’m a little head-over-heels for my new home)

Besides being so fascinated with this new town of mine, moving here was a big change. I had to leave behind the city where O and I started our married lives together. I had to leave behind a job where I was doing well and had gotten to that point where I was a seasoned employee. I had my friends there. O and I had our favorite neighborhoods, favorite restaurants, and favorites places to take a walk. We were leaving behind all of the comfort.

To be honest, we were ready for a change. We were ready to leave Nashville, but once we left and settled into our new home, it slowly came out to our realization that we would have to start all over familiarizing ourselves with this new city, not to mention moving where we didn’t know many people.

All of this change can be stressful and downright anxiety inducing. With moving, a new job, a big life change, etc. etc. it’s hard to wrap your head around everything that’s going on, especially when there are so many moving parts. We all have our ways to deal with the anxiety of change. But when we’re actually in the trenches, it’s sometimes helpful to have a little guidance. I think the most important thing you can do is to divert your mind in a positive way. I’m not saying to cover up what you’re feeling with other emotions, but rather, to not let the anxiety consume you.

I use the word diversion because distraction has a more negative connotation to it. I don’t think it’s healthy to cover up anxiety and stress with a false sense of positivity, but you can use these tools to guide you through whatever you are going through.

Here are a few ways to divert your attention positively:

Take care of your body!

When we’re stressed, dealing with change, etc. etc. we don’t eat well, stop working out, and don’t get enough sleep. Remind yourself that through all of this change, your body can take a toll, so don’t forget to take care of number-one. It’s also more difficult to make drastic changes in your behavior (after you’ve adjusted) than it is to really push yourself to continue good behaviors through troubled times! Perseverance is KEY!


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Be mindful of the present. When we get caught up in our worries about how things are going to work out, we don’t focus on what’s going on in that very moment. While this can probably be incorporated into probably EVERY DAY LIFE, it is especially important when you’re anxious. Slow down your breath, scan your environment, and focus on your senses. Point out the things you can see, hear, and touch. Scan down your body- from your head to your toes- and point out how they all feel! (Also helpful- check out the mindfulness posts that I put up for some tips on how to incorporate it in your daily life! – Click HERE)

Incorporate positive distractions!

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Read a book, volunteer, or set personal goals! This one might seem like more work than it’s worth. I suggest this because through all of my anxiety, reading really helped me calm down. I actually got through quite a few books that were on my ‘half-read’ shelf. More importantly, I felt like I actually accomplished something on top of it all! Find something small that you can do! It might be as simple as reading a book, or devoting some time to organizing your home/life, etc. It shouldn’t be a task that stresses you out! It should be something that is easy to accomplish and will make you feel good at the end of it all!



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