Fall Wish List

Everyone’s rolling out their fall lines even though the temperature is not quite there yet… We’ve had a few Fall-like days, but the weather hasn’t made it up its mind just yet. What throws me off even more, is that in the month of September, I’ve been traveling to all of the hot and humid parts of the country (all in the South) so I still have to hang onto all of my summer wardrobe for the time being.

I haven’t done a ‘wish list’ or a roundup of items that I am currently eyeing as of yet, so I am excited to offer a little something different this week! I wouldn’t say that there’s anything that’s drastically different in Fall 2018 as opposed to Fall 2017. Plaid, animal print, leather, chunky sweaters, jewel tones etc. etc. they’re all still on the roster.

I don’t like to feature products that are exorbitant, i.e. way out of my own personal price range, so I’ve offered a range- from Target level to Banana Republic. Just a reminder if you were to splurge on anything, be sure it’s a staple in your clothing diet. A splurge should never lose it’s value!


Let’s combine plaid with trends from the 90s! Boxy blazers and dresses, short dresses, etc. etc. etc.

From left to right:

  1. Mango- Bow Shirt Dress
  2. Mango- Printed Bow Dress
  3. Target- Strappy Side Button-Up Menswear Plaid Dress
  4. Target- Plaid Oversized Blazer

Varsity Sweaters

Personally, when it comes to Varsity sweaters, I like the V-neck look. The stripes down/around the arm make it look like an old-school football uniform- which could be the look that you’re going for, but it just doesn’t do it for me! I like the trim near the collar in a v-neck, or in the example from Mango- it’s not a V-neck but sort of plays on the design of a varsity sweater.

  1. Banana Republic- Silk Cashmere Varsity V-Neck
  2. Forever 21 – Striped Trip V-Neck Top
  3. Mango – Tricolor Cotton Sweater

Pleated Skirts

I have a love-hate relationship with pleated skirts. They look like an absolute dream, swaying when you walk, a complete vision of femininity. However, if you even have the slightest of belly fat/feeling extra bloated, etc. etc. then they inevitably stick out from beneath…. My solution for this problem is to not wear anything form fitting on top, it will naturally draw your eyes down towards the belly area. Not that you want to look top-heavy, but it draws your eyes away from the silhouette.

  1. Mango- Combined Pleated Skirt
  2. Mango- Printed Pleated Skirt
  3. Target- Pleated Skirt- A New Day Pink

Animal Print

I think its funny how every year, everyone raves about how fashion forward animal print is… I mean, in the last 5-6 years, has it ever not been in trend? I like animal print, but I prefer it to be in ‘natural’ colors (no neon pink and green, etc. etc.). It’s easier to style/combine with other looks that way!  I am also in favor of prints that mimic animal print, but aren’t so outwardly so- again easier to style and create multiple outfits with!

  1. Mango- Bow Wrap Dress
  2. Mango- Leopard Print Dress
  3. Target- Leopard Print Long Sleeve One-Shoulder




Ta da! it’s the same Banana Republic sweater that I featured above!! To tell you the truth, I had been eyeing that one for a while, and snatched it up when it went on sale! I paired it with my fav white jeans from LOFT and added a pop of color with my red pumps (old from – Modcloth. Here’s a similar one available at Macys.

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