Day Tripping- Cape Cod

Cape Cod- Woods Hole/Falmouth

Summertime in the East Coast seems to equate to traveling to the beach. Think Hamptons, Cape Cod, etc. etc. etc. As newcomers to this scene, the hubby and I decided it would make sense to venture to Cape Cod as a quick day trip. I’m sure most venture out here for at least a week or maybe a weekend, but with so much upcoming travel on our calendar, we were looking for something to do outside of the city.


Cape Cod is a long peninsula with multiple towns scattered throughout. I believe that Provincetown is probably the most popular (easily accessible through ferry from Boston Harbor). It takes a good 2 hours to drive there, and probably 90 minutes by boat.

We decided to focus on the most southern point of Cape Cod (and slightly less crowded)- Woods Hole/ Falmouth for our day trip. It takes about an hour and a half to get here by car from the city, although depending on the summer traffic- it could vary by +/- 30 minutes.

We started our day at around 9:30am and reached our first destination by 11:00.


1. Nobska Lighthouse (15-20 minutes if not going on a tour of the Tower)

We started our journey at the Nobska Lighthouse. The grounds are always open, however the tower is only open on Tuesdays/Thursdays. Regardless, the view from this point is absolutely wonderful! There is also a vantage point across the street. You can climb down to some of the rockier parts of the beach below from here (we saw a few people fishing from here).



Parking is limited, but most people just stop by, spend some time taking pictures, and then go around their merry way.


There is a private beach down the road- Be extra careful in following parking signs during the summer months.

2. Stony Beach– (1-2 hours, depending on how much time you want to soak in the sun)

One of the much smaller beaches located on Woods Hole, this beach is nestled in a neighborhood off of the main village and is usually much less crowded than some of the more public beaches in town. Living up to its moniker, it is FULL of pebbles and stones- not so much sand- so make sure you bring the right shoes!


The water is clear (as is most of the water on Cape Cod), and if you bring the right gear, you can set up a really nice little spot.  The water is pretty shallow close to the shore, so it’s a decent place for children!

3. Lunch at Pie in the Sky – (45min-1.5 hours)

There are TONS of places to eat in the Village at Woods Hole. Of course, there are tons of seafood options around the village, but if you’re looking for a light lunch and perhaps a pastry or two to go with your afternoon coffee, then Pie in the Sky is a great spot!

They have a bunch of wraps and sandwiches, but the real show-stopper here are their pastries, pies, and their coffee. For that afternoon pick-me-up, an iced coffee from Pie in the Sky will always do the trick! We had a Dulce de leche croissant which was AMAZING!

4. Take a Walk through the Village! – (30 min – 1 hour)

After eating at Pie in the Sky, you can take a walk down Water Street towards the Woods Hole Waterfront Park. There are lots of benches and spots for you to sit and just enjoy the scenery.

Public Beach – (1-1.5 hours depending on how much you want to soak in the sun)


If you want to end your day at the beach, then head over to the Public Beach close to the intersection of Surf Drive and Short Street. This one is much larger and has a huge parking lot- so no worries on not having a place to park your car. The beach itself is much sandier than the other and you’re actually looking out towards the Atlantic Ocean.


Drive back to Boston! 



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