A Few Favs – August 2018 Edit

Since Boston is so new to me (I have officially lived here for a month), I decided to share a few ‘personal discoveries/favorites’ every month. Call it a small appreciative post for my new home or just another excuse to explore this wonderful city. The move to this city officiated our journey to the East Coast. Having lived in the South/Southwest my entire life, I was excited to experience live in this part of the US.

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to the food scene here in Boston, the sheer number of options here can in fact be a little overwhelming (especially when you’re not used to it!) My favorite picks for this month are thusly all food related!

A few of my favorites: 


Poké bowls are a personal weakness. To be honest, there really weren’t many options in Nashville (although, there has been a recent addition). We’d usually get our fix at Whole Foods- but to be brutally honest, you just can’t do a poke bowl without the FRESH FISH.
This is not really an option when you are landlocked as Nashville is… and I guarantee you don’t want to eat anything living in the Cumberland River.

IMG_3364The freshness just takes the flavor to a whole other level. Pokéworks is a chain and is set up similar to a Subway or Chipotle- you can make your own bowl with all of the fixings- they really just charge by amount of protein you want (2 types versus 3). I am considering this becoming a weekly staple in our household… Wednesday night is officially poké bowl night in our household.

Hi B3ar

My first run in with rolled ice cream was in NYC… So you can’t imagine my excitement when I found out there were so many options here in Boston! Hi B3ar has their own menu of concoctions and you can then add whatever toppings post rolling. There’s just something about fresh ice cream- it’s so much lighter on your stomach and you don’t feel like you have to unbutton your pants at the end of dessert.

We tried a Vanilla ice cream mashed up with Bueno bars (if you don’t know what Bueno is- click here…) I think they referred to it as their Hazelnut ice cream on their menu.

Fish Market Sushi Bar

Yes, I am going to mention another sushi-related place on the same post! Fish Market Sushi is definitely a no-frills kind of sushi joint. The atmosphere here is chill and cozy. We came here after the 6-8pm dinner rush, which was probably a good idea given how there is limited seating in the area. Their menu is quite extensive when it comes to the sushi/sashimi. We did our usual- edamame for starters, and then a couple of rolls (we’re light eaters and wanted to leave room for Hi B3ar ice cream!)  We picked the following: White Tiger, Rainbow, and Spicy Salmon.




Blazer- Classic Fit Blazer in Lilac- Banana Republic

Mules- Universal Thread Black Mules- Target

Straw Bag- Straw Crossbody from Target (no longer available)

Jeans- LOFT – older

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