To enjoy the most mundane.

Week 5- March Mindfulness

Here we are again, in the last week of another month. Seriously, this ‘Journey through 30′ makes the year go by faster! Just goes to show how spending only 30 days on something does not seem like enough! Quick recap-  this month I focused on mindfulness. It has been an attempt to incorporate mindfulness into my everyday life.

I’ve been following along Kabat-Zinn’s book (‘Wherever you go, there you are’) to use as my how-to. I haven’t really said much about the book itself, but, it’s a great, easy read. I also love how he breaks things down in simple ways to make changes in your life. It’s not too philosophical, and doesn’t read as if it’s trying to indoctrinate you. I think one thing to realize and understand, is that mindfulness is not something that’s easily accomplished in 30 days and honestly, it was not my intent to accomplish it. Rather, I wanted to purposefully start my journey into mindfulness.


I haven’t really gotten to the point where I am intentionally sitting down every day to attempt to meditate. I think I’ve gotten better at incorporating mindfulness into little every day-moments. For instance, when I finally get a chance to walk outside, perhaps to another meeting, or to eat lunch with my husband, I try not to focus on my destination. That simple walk is not just about getting from point A to B, but rather a moment to take in everything around me. This little practice sometimes reminds me of what parents do with small children, point out little things here and there. Noticing the trees, the faces of the people that walk by, the sky itself- we as adults forget to even look at these things or even think about them in the moment.

Honestly, it’s sort of become my favorite thing to do. My biggest takeaway from all of this is that we take for granted the time we spend doing the most mundane things in life.

“We take for granted the time we spend doing the most mundane things in life.”

Kabat-Zinn has this one technique to think, what if you removed yourself from this present moment? What would it look like? Most likely, it would not be that drastically different, perhaps not different at all, just sans you.  You can interpret that feeling in one of two ways: one- that you are insignificant in this vast, vast world, or two– you can take a moment to appreciate everything outside of your mind, you might appreciate the fact that even you should feel privileged to live that moment.

My mindfulness practice has taken its own course, one slightly different than the one I had laid out for myself at the start of March. And that’s OKAY. I think that’s a part of recognizing how to be mindful in your own life. You have to be mindful of what you need and recognize the need to do it, even if sometimes you may think otherwise.

 -What I Wore-


Belted, Paperbag Skirt (Tan, XS) – from Who What Wear (Target); It’s a lot longer on me than it appears on the model (#petiteproblems)

Top- shown before on blog- Ann Taylor




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