March Mindfulness

Be Mindful

You, know, like March Madness? But, a little bit more calm? Perhaps, a little less yelling at your Sweet 16 team in the running? Okay, it’s only the first of March, so maybe I should save some of the jokes for the next few weeks?


While wrapping up the last month (project- self love), I began to think about what direction I wanted to take March in. Mindfulness is not something that’s new to me. I’ve been introduced to it in the capacity of my work (i.e. clinical research) and have definitely read on the benefits of mindfulness for those who suffer with anxiety/stress/life, etc. (i.e. everyone). I’ve been taught a very rudimentary version of focused breathing, but I’ve never looked deeper at incorporating mindfulness into my daily life. Through this whole month, I’ll be reading and following Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are. It’s a great introductory book in how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

When the word, mindfulness, comes to mind (hah), I think of it in two ways. You can consider it a type of meditation or you could consider it a way of life. Many would probably argue it is both and that you may not be able to separate the two out. I’m not going to get into the intricacies of what is mindfulness here, but share a little bit of my journey for the next 30 days.

As you all may have noticed by now, I like to start things in increments. I guess this post is a little unique in that today’s actually the first day of the month- hence I won’t have much to share on my experiences in this post- but I can share my plan!


This first week I have the following three tasks:

  1. Becoming more aware of my breath, throughout the day- focusing in on the present moment
  2. Meeting any moments of anxiety with my breath
  3. When focusing on my breath: one inhale/one exhale while trying to keep the mind open; and coming back to the breath if I catch my mind wandering

Wish me luck! I’ll report back next week on my experiences!



Dress- Zara Jacquard Dress with Poplin Collar

Blazer- From LOFT; old, see similar here: here!; The blazer is more of a chambray red, but this pink one is the closest I could find to the style I have on here!

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