Recapping the month of the heart

It’s a funny thing about time. When we’re trying to hold on and take it slow, the year seems to just zoom by! I can’t believe that we’re already approaching March! Stay tuned for next week’s post- the theme will be mindfulness!

Self-Love-ruary IMG_0891


I know, that was cheesy… but the month of love just warrants a certain dose of cheesy-ness. So to recap what the goal was for this month, I was supposed to write down two things that I loved about myself every day, push myself to take more me-time, and well, just learn to appreciate myself a little bit more. No biggie right?? Well, if you read last week’s post, you would know that things weren’t going as well as I had hoped. I just couldn’t really get myself as engaged in this activity as I wanted to be… I think there were some things that I learned about myself, that I really don’t like to praise myself, even to myself, even though I know that the purpose of this exercise was not to boost my ego but to learn to appreciate and love myself more.

really really really loved taking me-time however. I think I treated my need to take a little me-time break as therapeutic- but only in the sense of when my body really needed it… (i.e. I had a back ache, and a hot bath would help, etc.) It’s not rocket science, but it took me this thought process to realize that I didn’t have to wait to heal some type of physical ailment- -that my mental wellness was just as important.

Me-time can look different for everyone. A few of my favorite things to do: curl up into bed with my book of choice, bath+bath bomb, hanging out in a face mask, etc. It could even be just getting out and doing something by myself. I think it’s important for everyone to have a little constructive alone time, and if you can get away (from husband, kids, pets, etc.) then you should do it!


I was actually lucky enough to take a little trip and hang out with one of my best friends for a few days. To be honest, it was the first time I traveled alone after getting married. I felt a little odd not going with the hubby, but it felt so incredibly refreshing to just get away from all of the responsibilities and stress that I had sitting on my shoulders. It’s insane how just 48 hours of unplanned, hassle-free, food-filled, fun can relieve your mind (and it’s even better when you get to share that with one of your best friends) !! Don’t be afraid to take that extra day of PTO and just relax!!!!

Our bodies and minds tell us when we need these moments of self-love. When you’re lacking motivation, or when you’re just out of your regular groove, your mind and body is trying to tell you to take a step back! But of course, we don’t. We keep pushing along, and this only holds us back! Don’t forget to take that break- you need it!



…I mean, I needed at least one pink outfit for the month…. This cute Ann Taylor Tunic is silky and dressy and you can wear it in a couple of ways… It’s long on both the front and back, I opted to tuck in the front and wear it with some equally bright red pants- but you could also tone this down with black leggings. I’ve worn this out just as a tunic, but I feel like it lacks shape… but totally appropriate if you’re planning on eating a lot or just don’t feel like having anything tight on your belly! The red pants are very old- from Forever 21.


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