all of the love.

Well, yesterday was Valentine’s day. I’m sure many of you celebrated the day- flowers, fancy dinner, got all dressed up, etc. Last night I had a slightly different day. The hubby and I have been together now for 9 V-days. With all that’s been going on in our lives, we just didn’t seem to want to make the night (especially one in the middle of the week!) that big of a deal. The hubby worked from home that day, so I stopped by and picked up dinner before coming home.

IMG_0818It was kind of funny how we showed our ‘love’ for each other yesterday… I surprised him with flowers and he rearranged our bedroom furniture and put up the curtains that have been sitting on the floor for about 6 months now (after my botched attempt at putting them up..) And it was nice. We ate a sweet dinner together and cuddled on the couch. It felt as though time had slowed down for a bit and we could just relax. Just the two of us. And honestly, all sappy-ness, commercialized flowers and candy aside, it was probably one of the most perfect Valentine’s we’ve ever had. It’s funny how simplicity sometimes ends up taking first place!

Don’t be numbed by it all…

While most of us were enjoying the comfort of our own home and in the arms of our loved  ones, yet another heinous act of gun violence occurred in Florida. Please, don’t just share your thoughts and prayers. Take action-  here’s an organization that’s doing some good work that you should look into- Moms Demand Action.

February goals 

Here we are in the middle of the month. I feel a little bit more experienced in this self-love experiment than I did last week. Honestly, still struggling with trying to put down a few positive things every night… it’s just not been my thing, and that’s okay! Not everything I attempt is meant to be my perfect fit.


Some things that I have come to realize through this exercise, however, it’s not actually that hard to find something positive about yourself everyday. Now, initially, I was trying to be very deep about every little note I wrote. I wanted it to be something along the lines of, “today, I made a difference in someone’s life..” As great as that sounds, not everyday ends up being life changing.

I’ll admit that there were some days where I was looking very hard for that silver lining. And that’s exactly when I realized that there are things that we all do, things that just make up who we are, things that probably seem very trivial- but nevertheless- these are habits that we should be proud of.

They may seem silly to you, but some of the things I wrote down included:

  •  keeping in touch with all of my long-distance friends
  • not being lazy about taking care of my skin

Yes- these seem inconsequential- but I am happy that I do these things and I believe they make me a better person in some shape or form. At the end of the day, the beauty of this self-love experiment is to realize that as hard as we are on each other, we do deserve a little bit of self-praise. The moment you realize, that hey! I’m not half that bad! is when you can push yourself to be even better!



I have a soft spot for patterns and this Zara Pleated Skirt does just the trick. It’s so nice and airy, and it flows especially when you walk! I paired it with a white Ann Taylor balloon sleeve top (it’s no longer online- but here are a few similar tops).  Boots- I’ve had for a while- they’re my go-to Nine West suede boots (from last year).



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