Barrels of Feelings

February, the month of self-love~

This month’s project has been all about self-love. I gave myself one main task this month- to focus on writing down two positive ‘self-love’ thoughts every day. And, just a heads up, THIS IS NOT EASY!


Every night, I look back on the day and do a quick analysis… I don’t know if this is the best approach, but it seems to be the only way for me to look back on my positivities. I’ve kept my word and have been writing every night for the last 8 days, but I can’t say I feel that much better about myself. I didn’t think I expected there to be a drastic change in the way I think or feel about myself, but a little positivity can make some impact.

It might be that honestly, the last week or so has been stressful. With work, family, and just life in general, it hasn’t exactly been a cake walk, and trying to find the self-love ain’t easy when all you can think about the things that went wrong! Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few instances where I felt kind-of-proud of how I reacted to something, or how I treated a situation. Not that this exercise is meant to boost my ego, but it does feel good to remind yourself of the things that did go right, when everything else seems to be falling out of place.


Along with my two positive thoughts, I’ve also been writing a few words about my day, and how I was feeling. I may not have run the statistics, but I think there is a direct correlation with me having a good day and how easy it is for me to find those positive self-love thoughts. HAH!

I’ve also been trying to be a bit more mindful when I start to feel stressed. At home, I’ll take some time for some good ole’ self-care. Whether it’s a face mask, or taking a bubble bath, I’m giving myself and my ever-anxious mind the opportunity to take a break. I think my general tendency is start to put down a web of doubt, doom and gloom, and trying to figure out solutions for all the issues that come up.

Now that I’m officially in my 30’s, I am attempting to be more proactive about how I feel. Whether it is physical or mental, I am really trying to push myself to do something! I think these little month-long challenges have so far helped me realize that I can get myself do try these new things, as long as I take it slow!


This outfit is simple- dress+ boots. It really makes me feel like Nashville has rubbed off on me…. like if you were to hand me a guitar- I would fit right in on Broadway or something! The dress is from Target -unfortunately, it’s no longer available on their website ( I had it linked in a previous post)… Here are a few similar Who What Wear Floral Dresses – actually this one is VERY similar  in style- just a different floral print! I chose to belt it mainly because the XS was a little loose on my waist, and it looks better with a fitted waist on me! Boots- featured MANY times before- check A new day, a new month, a new goal!


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