A new day, a new month, a new goal!

How often to you get to start a post on the first day of the month?? Well! In the last week, I celebrated my 30th birthday, 9 years together with my true love, and the completion of the first month of the year for my year-long project of monthly resolutions. To be completely honest, the morning of my 30th birthday, I felt odd. I kept telling my husband that I didn’t want to be thirty. Then through a wonderful day full of love, great advices from friends, family, and co-workers, I realized that well, I don’t have a choice! (and that apparently your 30’s are the best decade ever!)


To review, every month this year I will be focusing on something that I’ve been wanting to think about, try out, get better at, etc. January’s focus was on health and wellness-specifically: drinking more water, getting into a workout routine, and making better food choices!

January recap

To quickly recap the last month, I broke the month into three staggered ‘resolutions’ that I focused on. I started the month with focusing on drinking more water, then a week later introduced a new workout agenda, all-the-while trying to make better food choices! I know- it sounds CRAZY. BUT, I really did ease into these three tasks.

I have actually improved in how much water I drink- I’ve come to realize that I am more mindful about drinking enough, and to focus on drinking water when I’m thirsty. I think it’s made some improvement on how my stomach feels on a day-to-day basis, and has definitely made some improvement on my skin (i.e. breakouts).

The workout routine- this is ALWAYS more difficult for me (and probably everybody else out there who doesn’t like to work out).. The hubby and I have been motivating each other (which, finding a partner is an awesome trick to stick to something) and if I can’t physically get to the gym at a time that works for me, I will do yoga at home! This is still a work in progress- but I’m not giving up!

As far as food choices go, I’m not making drastic changes to the way I eat. I am, however, trying to eat more fruits (I have no trouble eating veggies), consuming meat for only one meal if any per day, and cutting down on how much sweets I engulf. This all goes back to being mindful. When you’re making that decision about what to put in your body- to make a conscious decision- WITHOUT the guilt!

Phew! That really is a lot for a month. These are things that I will continue to work on and hopefully be second nature by the end of the year!

February- all about the love, self love! 

I had to put it in red. I just had to….! With the deluge of Valentine’s Day advertisements, chocolate all ready to go at the grocery store, teddy bears beckoning you to display your affections for those you love, I chose this month to be a little bit more about ME!

Selfish right? By all means, shower your attention on those you love! But I think it’s also important to think a little bit about self-love! You’ve heard those old adages, you are your harshest critic, you usually stand in your own path to success, etc. etc. etc. SO, I am taking this month to take the time on giving myself a little TLC (and no, the purpose of this is not to inflate my ego).


The task at hand, is to sit down each day and write down two positive notes to myself. These of course, will done in my handy-dandy bullet journal! (This idea was actually shared with me by my cousin- she is planning to do this on sticky notes on her bedroom wall for a more physical display)

My other goal for this month is to take more bubble baths. In my opinion, bubble baths are an activity of self-love. Really, any type of relaxing spa-like activity = self-love!

Both are simple enough! I won’t be staggering these two (and no I do not plan on taking bubble baths everyday, ain’t no one got time for that….) I will be also tracking my moods through this whole process- you know, to be a bit more scientific in my data collection and a bit more objective in analyzing the results of this month’s project! (Can you tell that I work in research?)

Lots of love (self-love) coming your way!


I feel like that when I find a good recipe for an outfit, I stick to it for a while before I end up getting tired of it. One of this winter’s said recipes was: light pastel sweater + white jeans + boots (especially my fave Marc Fisher OTK)…

This cute twisty sweater is from The Impeccable Pig– but unfortunately, they don’t put a lot of their inventory on their website (at least this is what I’ve found in the past). Each store is a little bit unique in what they carry- so find one near you! These little boutique-y stores are super cute, and I’ve gotten quite a few dresses there for special occasions here (weddings, etc.).

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple! White jeans (a la www.loft.com) and boots are Steve Madden.

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