Forging ahead in January

We’re down to the last few weeks of the month. As I look back on the first half of the month, I feel that I’ve reached at least some level of accomplishment on my goals for the month.

Just to remind you, my goals for the first month of 2018 were centered around improving my general health. This was further broken down into: drinking more water, exercising, and making better food choices.  The process through which I worked (and continue to work on) on these habits is a slow and gradual one. Living in Western society, we’re constantly looking for a quick solution, and we want our results when we want them. However, if anything from research on health behavior has taught us, this is not the way to make long lasting changes.



As a short recap- this was the first goal I focused on, started on January 1st. So far, I feel like I’ve definitely made an improvement in how much water I’m drinking. I’m more aware of what I drink throughout the day. Keeping a count of the number of glasses I was actually getting in was probably the best motivator for getting me to reach my goal.

I didn’t push myself to drink the magic ‘8 glasses’ a day. I averaged at about 5-6 glasses, and only drank when I felt like my body needed the water. It’s always important to listen to your body. If you don’t feel like drinking water, and your stomach feels full- THEN DON’T!! Always, always, always listen to your body, to your stomach, and use your common sense!

Hittin’ GYM

If you were reading last week’s post, you would know that I started this installation of my January goals that week. My goal was to get to the gym at least 2-3 times during the week and then try to do some physical activity if I couldn’t. Well, I almost reached my goal, but with one snow day and a slight bout of laziness towards the end of the week, I didn’t quite get there… Nothing to fret about- goals aren’t achieved in a week!

This second week has been better! I’ve already been twice and my muscles are feeling the burn! I’ve mainly been focusing on doing weights. Thankfully I have my hubby to show me the ropes!

My next addition to this plan is to get back into yoga. I used to do yoga quite regularly when I was back in Texas. The yoga classes that are offered at my gym are all heated or ‘hot yoga’ classes, and as POPULAR as these may be, doing yoga at heated temperatures can actually lead to injury! (not to mention dehydration- you HAVE to drink enough BEFORE going to class- this does not mean chugging water right before…)

Well, needless to say, I’m not running back to these classes (which I’ve tried before) too soon. I am trying to work on my strength and conditioning before I get back into that! I’ve injured myself multiple times by pushing myself a little too hard- and well, when you get ‘older’ , your body just does not heal as quickly as it used to!


Do your tummy some good

The third part of my January goals refers mainly to making better food choices. I’m not chasing after some diet or anything. Most research shows that most people who start diets will almost ALWAYS fall off of them and revert back to their original weight… (I know, that sounds depressing) Unless your body is in a dire need of change, I recommend taking things slow! Sweets are my usual vice, and especially when there are sweet treats in the break room at work- I will be the first one to grab a little something!

Eliminating sources of sugar that are not part of your usual meal is a much simpler step than drastically changing your entire routine. This could be that extra cookie, or flavored creamer in your coffee, extra sugar in your tea, etc. etc. These things are not super simple to give up, but they are the little hills we can reach before climbing up the mountain! These things have been my main areas of focus, at least for the last week or so!

Taking bigger steps are in the horizon! Disclaimer: I am not a dietician! If you do need proper medical advice, please seek it out!




Paisley Velvet Blazer– LOFT  This blazer is EVERYTHING. It’s velvet, blue, pink, purple, shiny, and it keeps you warm. And guess what! It’s on sale!!! Someone told me that the blazer reminded them of Prince (Purple Rain)- which, let’s be honest is a pretty awesome compliment…

I paired it with a shiny white and gold cami (also from LOFT) You can’t really see the design in the pictures. I didn’t want a completely plain top underneath, but also nothing to take away from the beauty that is this blazer…!

BTW for some background, I wore this cute outfit for date night and an early birthday surprise from the hubby- a showing at the Bluebird Cafe. FYI, if you are ever in Nashville, you have to go, it is definitely an amazing musical experience! I’m not one for country music, but this is nothing like the sorts you hear on the radio nowadays! The acoustics is so wonderful and the intimacy that you experience with the songwriters is really something extraordinary.


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