To continue upon this quest…

January Goals

Hello! For those of you just joining, I’ve been on a quest to set a goal for each month. January is centered on health and wellness- which I know is very broad, but I have narrowed this down to three things:

  1. Drinking enough water consistently
  2. Getting back into a regular workout routine
  3. Making better food choices

Now, these may seem like a lot, but my technique is to not start them all off at the same time. I started off simple (probably cheated a little-picking the easiest of the three), I focused on how much fluid I was getting in each day. I wrote about this in the last post.



So far, I’ve been very aware of how much I’m drinking. I keep a tally in my bullet journal for the number of glasses. I realized that I do a much better job of drinking water at my desk at work, than I do at home (which honestly, I find very odd…and a little surprising) Mostly, I think it has to do with the fact that I have a water bottle with me and I really make it my business to finish that bottle and refill it once. On the weekends, I definitely do not drink enough water. I am trying to get into the habit of carrying that water bottle with me wherever- but let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a hassle. (something to work on!)

Overall, I notice a little difference in my skin (at least in how dry it’s been with these really cold temps) and with my stomach (doing much better overall!). It hasn’t been really that long to discuss any substantial differences, but I’ll keep you posted!


Yes, the dreaded three-letter word…. I purposely have held off on this for a few reasons: 1- I wanted the beginning of the year gym craze to die down a bit and 2-after all the traveling we had done, I honestly needed some time to catch up on rest and get back on a regular sleep and life-schedule before adding something else to it.

Beauty blender, blender bottle- all necessary!

I think it’s interesting to look at what exactly changes my mind when I had previously decided to go. Doing a little analysis with what your excuses are will, if anything, realize what you may need to really focus on to get yourself to the gym! For me, my usual excuses are:

  • I left work too late- I don’t want to work out too late, and then eat too late, and upset my stomach
  • I need to cook
  • I am already super hungry and I cannot wait for dinner
  • I am tired and am just whiny…
  • I don’t feel so great…

As you can see, most of my excuses revolve around eating. Because of the little ‘ole acid reflux issue that I have, I need to be extra cautious not to let myself go hungry for too long. This, of course, is easily remedied by eating a proper snack in the afternoon. I also like to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter before going to the gym (if I’m not doing anything with too much cardio)…


The other reasons that keep me from the gym are the usual, end-of-the-day fatigue, and just not feeling up to it. For this excuse- my solution is simple- Don’t Go To The Gym!!! WHAT?!?!? But, that doesn’t make much sense! Well, the idea behind this one is not to keep yourself from being physically active, but using these days  where you engage in some other kind of physical activity. For me- I like doing yoga videos off of YouTube when I’m just not feeling the trek to the gym.

For starters, my goal is to get myself to the gym just three times a week- for a few weeks.  On the other days when I’m not feeling it, supplement with a yoga video. Once the three-days-a-week plan feels like a routine- add another day. Remember, the point is not expect yourself to make drastic changes ALL AT ONCE! And three days for me may not be good for you! Start with one or two! Just start somewhere! 

Side note- I’ve started bullet journaling for the new year, its really great for helping me keep track of everything (especially all of these ‘me’ projects)




It’s so frigidly cold here in Nashville, that it kinda sucks the fun out of wanting to dress nicely… All I want to do is layer in like 5 sweaters and call it a day…Not exactly work appropriate but WHATEVER….

Outfit details:

  • Blouse- Banana Republic (this particular blouse is no longer available online, BUT all of their sale items are now 60% off!)
  • Blazer- H&M– old; Similar blazers- click here
it’s just TOO COLD here!!!

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