And we’re BACK!

Happy New Year !!

Well, hello 2018! It’s good to be back on the blogosphere! I took a week off to focus on spending my time with my family and friends. I have to admit, it felt good breaking away from social media for a while! The hiatus served me well, and I’m ready to begin the new year!


There’s such a nice feeling about a new year. Many of us take this time to reflect on the recently completed year, list out all of the things we’d like to change, and then miserably fail in the next month or so…If you know anything about health behavior, you would know that drastically changing multiple aspects of how you act and is difficult, and usually if you were to make all of these sudden changes at once, chances are, that you will end up giving up in a very short time period. I know, it isn’t necessarily the most positive or uplifting thing to read at the beginning of the year…But wouldn’t it be smarter to space out your good intentions? Adoption of any kind of new habit takes time- so start off slowly!



I am aiming to try a new technique out this year. Instead of diving into my laundry list of resolutions, I am going to ease my way into it. Perhaps I’ll begin focusing on little things I can change that don’t rely on outside forces.  One technique that I’ve found helpful to keep me true is to stay organized and write everything down in my planner!

I think it’s important to remember that there’s no rule that says that everything must be accomplished within the first month! The other thing about resolutions that sincerely bothers me, is that we should not only take time at the beginning of the year to think about how we could better ourselves, but-

We should aim to always look within to better ourselves!


Here are some of the things that I am aiming to work on!

  • Taking better care of my health! (drinking more water, being more careful about what I eat, working out!)
  • Being more attentive, more focused on the present moment
  • Doing a better job of sticking to a budget!



Cape Sweater– From Zara in Pink

Boots- shown before- Sassy, classy, and gassy again….

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