Revelations continued…

I’ve been distracted. The hubby and I are only about a week away from jumping on a plane back to our hometown, and I can’t concentrate on anything! I keep reminding myself, there are just a few things I need to square away before getting home for the holidays, but the days are running just a bit too long till we get to Houston!

Patience is one of those virtues that I was not blessed with (at least not a lot of…). I have some incredibly patient people in my life, i.e. my husband. Also, kudos to my close family and friends that put up with me! (I know I’m not always an easy person to deal with..)  The world we live in today is full of distractions, and I’m sure as you’ve all experienced the constant barrage of social media and news (both real and fake) that we all get from the internet. We become impatient, sometimes losing focus on what is going on in the moment.


It’s like when you’re working on that report at the office, and perhaps you experience a writing block. Your hand goes straight for your phone. You check Facebook, Instagram, that promotions tab in your email account where all the junk goes (you gotta check to see if your favorite store is having that sale you were waiting for….) and by the time you put that phone down and look back up at the screen, it takes you probably another ten minutes to get back into that report that you started a while ago.

I’ve realized a need for more focus in my life. The internets and the mobile phones have gotten me in a place where I have too much nonsense going around in my mind. I’ve decided to try my hand at a few simple mindful techniques to get better at focusing and being patient with my surroundings.  I’ve found this great article 10 Ways to Be More Mindful at Work  to start the process.


Of course, it’s hard to sustain changes in your habits drastically. Even though all ten steps listed in the article are great, I opted to start with just a few. The two that I started with were #1 Being consciously present and #3 Being a ‘single-tasker’.

Always being consciously present is not easy. Your mind can be your biggest enemy sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a matter of closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and focusing on your surroundings. What helps me the most is focusing on the sounds around me. Instead of trying to tune everything out, focus on each thing you hear one-by-one. I can’t remember where I learned that trick from, but it’s definitely one of the best ways I can get myself to clear my mind. I’ll close my eyes and just list the things I can hear one by one to myself. Try it, I promise it really works!


Tip #3 is all about not multi-tasking. This goes back to the society we live in now. We are constantly trying to take in as much as possible- and this is not always the most efficient way to do things. At the end of the day, I make a list of all the things I need to work on for the next day. It’s hard to not jump from one task to another trying to accomplish everything. What I’ve been trying to do is focus on time. I find that setting small goals for a small set of time works a little bit better than just trying to cross everything on the list.

I’m hoping to add more of these little mindful tricks one by one, but I’m taking my time! Maybe you found one that suites your style!



Blush pink has been all the rage this season. It’s not a ‘usual’ color for the winter season, but it seems to be making waves this year. I’ve had the pink coat/blazer (from H&M) for a while now. I’m not always sure how to style this, to be honest. You would think it would be easy enough to come up with at least three ways to wear this- but maybe I just don’t feel that inspired by it. Luckily, I was feeling it this morning! Even though H&M refers to this as a coat, I prefer to wear it more like a blazer. It’s not too thick- so it’s comfortable to wear as a layer all day long.

This ruffled blouse  from LOFT gives me all kinds of vibes of the 70’s… the print can be a little bit too much, but toning it down with a more neutral blazer always works!

I couldn’t forget the gray Marc Fisher boots-I swear these are my absolute favorite addition this year (although not pictured….)

…what was really going on behind the scenes…. it’s chilly over here!!!

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