In congruence with the theme of December, I’m going to continue writing about things that I’ve come to really think about this year.

Revelations continued….

You go off to college. You make some of the best friends that you will probably ever make in your life. Your college years are wonderful. Years later,  some of you go off to graduate school, some of you get married, some move across the country, etc. life happens. And you know, the friendships that I cemented in college will always be the strongest. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked (whether in person or on the phone), we always pick up where we left off.


Something that I’ve struggled with, on and off again, is how difficult it is to keep in touch. When you live far away from each other, and life becomes busy with your own work and your own family, it becomes increasingly difficult. It’s easy, it’s really easy to say that it’s hard. But I’m a strong and firm believer that you make time for things that matter.

I’ve also come to realize that we are not all created the same. In all of our friendships, we all have roles that we play. Some of us make the calls, and some of us receive them. I’m not saying that I hold everyone together, but there are times where I feel the burden of keeping in touch. It’s tiring to always be the one to initiate. Times like that made me feel like well, our friendship is in my hands. If I don’t call, then, well, we won’t keep in touch.


I’ll be honest that sometimes my ego gets in the way. I’ve experienced more than a fair share of frustration about this ‘role’ that I feel like I inevitably have to play. (To my close friends reading this- you know already know this….!) Maybe I feel more isolated because I live far away from my friends and family. My life is encircled by my work, my husband, and our life together here.  Maybe it’s just a part of growing up; realizing that life is now different.


Maybe a part of my head wants to go back to those college days where we were around each other all the time, sharing every single experience along the way. I know that I have my husband for what life throws at me now, but at the end of the day, your girls are your girls. I think I had to learn (and am still learning) about how to put that ego away, and how to put that frustration away, so that I can direct that energy towards doing what I do best- keeping in touch.



This outfit is comprised of things that I’ve had in my closet for a while. The blazer is old from H&M. Here are a few similar ones (click here and here)- similar price points, also from H&M.

The top is old- from J Crew Factory. It’s a short-sleeved sweater with a cute little bow in the front. This outfit kinda makes me feel like a spiffy waiter. (hehe)

The pants are from last year’s winter at LOFT. Here are some similar wine-colored pants from this year’s winter line: Marissa Skinny Fit- Leggings and these are probably the most similar in style to what I’m wearing- Skinny Marissa Fit-Ankle Length.

Till Wednesday!



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