Asheville Part TWO

So to continue from Monday’s Post, I’ll pick up where I left off!!

Asheville Travel Diary

Day 2


After we had our champagne among the books, we headed off to dinner. One of the amazing things about Asheville is its restaurants. Apparently, the farm-to-table concept started here in this city. With the fresh water and plethora of farms in the vicinity, the restaurant scene here really focuses on local produce. After many recommendations and reading reviews, we decided to make Rhubarb our first experience.  Their menu changes a little every night (they even print the date on it). The vibe here is one that says fancy but chill.  I ordered the Rhubarb Glazed Duck Confit and the hubby ordered Wood-Roasted Whole Sunburst Trout for dinner. Dessert was this apple streusel-type cake with vanilla ice cream. Make your reservations in advance!

sunburst trout
duck confit

Everything was amazing. The duck was tender and oh-so-flavorful. The vegetables that they served with this dish were roasted and tender. The hubby balanced the strong flavor of the trout with the white sauce that was served on the side.

Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned residence in the United States. With a whopping 200-some bedrooms and 40-something bathrooms sitting on 65 acres of hilly land, this beast of a mansion is definitely a sight to see. To be honest, before booking our tickets to the Biltmore, I was a little apprehensive because it is QUITE expensive to purchase tickets. Even more so with the Christmas season, the tickets are a little more than usual. All of that being said, it is something that everyone should see if they get a chance to visit.



The decor in this mansion is already something amazing to see, but during the holidays, there is just one word to describe it all- extreme! They put at least TWO Christmas trees in every single space. My favorite room, by far, was the library. I mean, you literally feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And they have this glorious wooden staircase on wheels that you can just picture yourself rolling around on.


The Estate itself doesn’t just consist of the Mansion, they also have a farm, a winery, along with two hotels that you can stay at. Since we took the Candlelit tour later in the evening, we were allowed to come onto the Estate the next day to do a wine tasting in their wine room (which I’ll highlight in Day 3).


Late Night Dessert

After our tour, we headed back Downtown for a late-night dessert. The French Broad Chocolate Lounge stays open late (till midnight) and is a good place to catch some hot chocolate, coffee, and/or chocolate truffles or some of the many cakes that they serve. This place is a ‘bean to bar’ kind of place, and they do everything with their own chocolate!


Day 3

Lunch- Curate

Tapas are probably our favorite food group. Curate came up on our list of well-recommended restaurants, and well, when we found out it was tapas, we knew we had to jump on it! Word to the wise- if you want a meal here and can’t get a reservation (this place books out weeks in advance), don’t worry, the bar area is also a really fun area to sit and enjoy your meal.

enjoying the amazing crew doing their thing…!

Biltmore Estate Winery

Like I mentioned, the Biltmore Estate has their own winery. Since we didn’t get to experience Antler Village and the Winery the day before, we went back to do our wine tasting. This experience is included in your ticket price FYI. The wine room is set up and runs really well- they set your group up with a sommelier- while not overcrowding anyone! You feel attended to, and have a chance to get to know more about their wines and their process. It’s pretty interesting that the Biltmore Winery is one of the few wineries that uses 100% of their own grapes!


We actually ended up purchasing their chardonnay and their reserve merlot. If you’re interested in trying their wines, they do sell them across the country (but check for your state!).

The area that the wine tasting room is in (Antler Village) is really cute. This is where the farm is located, along with a few restaurants and a petting zoo for the little ones.

Biltmore Village Inn

We loved our stay in Asheville so much that we decided to extend our stay by a day. We couldn’t stay at our AirBnB that we started off at, so we decided to spend a night at the Biltmore Village Inn. This beautiful, 125 year old bed and breakfast was probably the icing on the cake on our Asheville trip.


They offer a wine and cheese hour in the evenings from 5-6pm. It’s a great chance to chat with the other guests while enjoying the beautiful dining room. And in the mornings, they bring out a chef to make breakfast for everyone. The whole experience was just so luxurious- the best part was that we weren’t even expecting it all since our stay was a last minute decision.


It’s located in the area of the same name (Biltmore Village). This area is full of little shops, local restaurants, and a year-round Christmas tree!



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