Keeping up with Thanksgiving

The Theme of the Week

Seeing that it’s Thanksgiving in a few days, I figured I would take the time to write a little bit about my experiences celebrating what I think is the most American of holidays.

My recollection of Thanksgiving before the age of 7 is pretty much blank… As a daughter of immigrants, Thanksgiving didn’t hold the honor of any family tradition. It was just another holiday, where we could do other things together as a family. Take road trips, visit other family, etc. etc. In my head it was a bit of a problem, you know, having learned the necessity for turkey at the table. Where’s the gravy? We’re not going to cook all that food? My dad doesn’t like turkey? What? But we’re supposed to?!?!

It wasn’t until we moved to where my parents live now in Houston, that we had some kind of tradition to the day. At first, Thanksgiving at Auntie’s house- who lived just down the street- was a conglomeration of a handful of Indian families that were brought together for this USA-holiday. Auntie would make the full American spread (mainly to appease the kids), and a full Indian spread (mainly to appease the old-grumpy Indian men who needed ‘real’ food). By the end of the night, we were all fed and full.


The children would all hang out upstairs, perhaps with a movie, or more preferably the University of Texas vs. Texas A&M football game (back in the day when we actually played each other). The men discussed their issues in one room, while the women discussed theirs in the kitchen. Parents would play the facade of leaving, only to be enticed by a cup of tea after hours had gone by.

For our parents, it was a day where they adjusted their identities and became a little bit more American, while our generation got to play into the second-half of our hyphenated identities. Really, it was like any other Indian family party, just with a little added turkey. But, that was our Thanksgiving. The day may not have meant something to everyone there, but to me, it was our tradition.

And as I sit here writing this, I am saddened that I won’t be able to share the day with these lovely people. As we kids get older, get married, and move far away from home, it’s not always possible to get home for all of the holidays.

Waiting for the day when I get to be home with family and friends! Hope your week is filled with love, good food, and wonderful company



Dress- from Target‘s new line ‘ A New Day’ – click here; This sweater dress comes in grey and green (although I only saw the grey option in store) is really comfy and warm. I purchased the grey in XS. The only downside to this dress is the static that comes with the cold weather and the friction from our shoes. Bell sleeves have carried over to this season, so I’m keeping up.

Boots- probably my favorite boots (featured before). Last year’s Nine West velvet riding boots. (See Suede and Herringbone )





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