Sassy, classy, and gassy again….

Sassy, Classy, and Gassy – Part 2

I have to tell you, putting Monday’s post on my GERD experiences into the internet’s abyss felt really good! It was a first for me to share my experiences, and I think I’m going to enjoy writing more on this blog!


Now that we’ve all had an introduction to my experiences with GERD/acid reflux, etc. I figured I would share some basic things everyone can do to get that tummy back on track. I would rather not talk too much about medications, even those over the counter. If your run-of-the-mill chewable antacids aren’t cutting it anymore, then I strongly urge you to see a physician before experimenting with medicine. And besides, what worked best for me may not be the best for you!

There are, however, simple things that we can all do to move one step closer to a happy digestive tract. (Just a disclaimer: I am not a physician; these suggestions are just things that I have found to be true!)

Saffron Diaries Steps for a Happy Tummy

  1. Water, lots of water

    This is an easy one. We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water. Our bodies are roughly 70% water, yet we have trouble remembering to drink it. Also, notice I said water. Not soda, not coffee, not juice, not anything else. W-A-T-E-R

  2. Be active

    Again, very easy…. being physically active is good for you in so many more ways than one. Exercise helps keeps things moving- I know the tail end of things is not always fun to talk about, but if your pipes are clogged, then you got a problem.

  3. Eat on time

    This is definitely one my most important rules. Letting your stomach getting to the point of hunger is a big NO NO. If you’re already hungry, it’s already too late! Your stomach is getting those juices ready to digest, and you haven’t put anything in there yet! I know routine can be monotonous, but your stomach loves a reliable schedule.

  4. Snacks!

    Didn’t you love it when your mom pulled out that snack out of her purse the moment the words, ” I’m hungry” came out of your mouth? Yea, I still do that. Although, now the granola bars are in the bottom of my purse. Trust me, you’ll also be your husband/boyfriend/significant other’s hero too.

  5. Listen to your stomach

    This harps on back to just getting better at listening to your body. We’ve all eaten that incredibly delectable dish when we know we shouldn’t have. That annoying voice in our head was telling us that we should avoid it, but no, we didn’t… MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS! Listen to your stomach. Some say, it’s like your second brain!

  6. Avoid caffeine/ excess sugar

    Enough said.

  7. Avoid acidic foods!

    This one can be difficult to accomplish when you realize just how many things are acidic around you. Tomatoes, lemons, caffeine, spicy foods, the list is LONG. Tomatoes are by far the hardest thing for me to avoid, they’re a staple in Indian cooking, in pastas, pizzas, etc. etc. etc. The even more difficult thing is trying to look for substitutes for tomatoes! It’s much simpler to just leave them completely out of your diet!



Today’s outfit features an incredibly cozy light pink sweater from my go-to LOFT. It’s technically to be worn off-the shoulder- but for work, I found that draping it around my neck very fitting! PLUS- this sweater is currently 40% off! The material is great and and not itchy at all!! I really like the buttoned cuff as well!


The other part of this outfit that’s really worth mentioning are these AWESOME over-the knee boots…I, as a woman barely hitting 5 feet, had found over-the-knee boots a little daunting. These Marc Fisher Locket Over the Knee Boots are definitely my new favorite boots for the winter season. They are comfortable and cozy. I appreciate that they’re snug around my calves- this makes them less likely to slip down your legs. There are also a tie around the back of the boot- which I prefer to an elastic band which eventually looses its tightness. They are quite snug though- so I would opt for the wide calf if need be!

Thanks for another great week!


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