Chunky sweaters


Just when I thought the weather was taking a turn for the better, it goes up to the 70’s this weekend… What about the chunky sweaters??? What about them? Anyways, I finally thought it was time to feature a chunky sweater on the blog- and to be honest, it’s not something I always tend towards because of my petite stature…


I saw this sweater online on Ann Taylor (fyi it’s an online exclusive) and loved the way it looked with the criss-cross design and v-neck. Check it out here. To be honest, the neckline is a little low- I had to keep pulling the sweater up, and even though I purchased a XS in petite, it still seemed a little loose. I don’t mind the loose-ness too much, but next time, I will be sure to wear a tank top or something underneath to not accidentally expose anything! The picture on the website shows the sweater tucked in- I don’t know if this would work too well on someone on the shorter spectrum- mainly because I feel like it would puff out too much…. Will have to experiment with it on another day to see if that works!

I paired these with my green pants that I featured previously on the blog- See here! I went with a shorter boot- but if you wanted to elongate your look, then I would definitely wear this sweater with tights and knee-high boots.  I would be interested in seeing this outfit with a skirt perhaps as well??? The short boots give it a more chunky feel..!  (my husband says I look rugged… I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not…!)

I kept the accessories to a minimum- just layering some of my favorite Kendra Scott necklaces and stud earrings.



Anyways, here’s hoping you’re all off to a wonderful week!


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