Pinstripe and Pink

To be honest, that whole putting outfits together-slump is still going on… something’s shaken my confidence- and somehow, I need to figure out a way to quickly get my groove back…. !

Anyways, I’m writing this as I watch the Game 7 of the World Series! (Go Astros!!!) Talk about a rollercoaster ride of a series… SHEESH! I was never really that much into baseball, but when your hometown makes it to the World Series, it’s a big deal… It’s even a bigger deal when you’ve married a big Astros fan!


Now- back to your scheduled programming..! Like I said, I’m going through a terrible slump- but hopefully I can get that ‘oompf’ back real soon! I had mentioned in the previous post that I had finally organized my winter clothes. The gray pinstripe dress/jumper here is actually something that I picked up at H&M while I was in Italy earlier this year. I’m not sure if this is something that they offered here in the US- but it was super cute when I saw it, so I picked it up!



I’ll admit, it is a bit loose- I’m planning on sewing the top part where the two sleeves cross- in the front and back to make it a little more fitted. It’s annoying to have to pull them up to your shoulders all-day-long.

The boots featured here are definitely one of my favorite pairs! They’re a faux suede- tall boot from Nine West. (Fall 2016).

My work friend, and photographer for many of the pictures I take, Alex has suggested maybe doing a #ootd challenge to spice things up! What do you think?? Any ideas?


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