Speckled Sweaters

I finally got around to organizing that closet this weekend! Sweater weather, I am READY! Please, global warming, don’t make this winter too erratic! It’s funny how you forget what you have when you haven’t looked at it in like 9 months….Word to the wise- don’t add too much to your next season’s collection until you’ve organized your closet! You just might find that your most recent purchase looks very similar to something you already had! Hey, at least I’m consistent!

Anyways,  there I was, standing on a chair inside our tiny closet, folding sweaters and making due with what little room we have for our master closet, I came across one of my favorite additions from last year! For something that’s a sweater dress, it’s incredibly sleek and well, makes me feel sophisticated as hell…

This dress is Lou and Grey purchased from LOFT last. Here’s a similar one that they currently have on their website- click here. Here’s a more expensive, but similar silhouette – click here. 


The material is incredibly soft and warm for those cooler temps. It has- what I like to call- kangaroo pockets- one big pocket in the front with arm-holes on both sides. I like to wear this dress with a belt- since it’s cut straight.


The neckline for this dress is really nice, and I’m always a fan of the boatneck. With the weather being the way it was,  I just didn’t feel like layering on the accessories. Keeping it simple is sometimes the way to go!

messy hair, don’t care!

Hope your Monday was as sunny as it was here in Nashville! Onwards to Tuesday!



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