Colder temperatures have me like…

Oh Zara, why must you have sooo many incredibly cute things? Remember how in the last post, I mentioned Zara’s Fall/Winter line? I mean, they’ve already debuted with new items- I may need to take a road trip to Atlanta really soon…

This outfit is a style really different for me, but it keeps things simple- especially during that style rut that I’ve been going through! (seriously, everything just feels OFF!) Anyways, I had plans to put this look together with something more colorful underneath- but I’m totally digging all-black! This faux suede jacket is made really well- it’s thick enough to keep you warm, and feels amazing!


Since it’s a little bit longer on us petite-sized folks, I think keeping the bottoms as leggings to keep the silhouette a bit more structure. (Although, putting on a knee-length dress could work here as well). I also rolled up the sleeves a bit to keep them on the shorter side- unrolled they pretty much came up to my wrist.


To complete the look, I layered on a few necklaces and put on those Steve Madden sock booties- (featured before- click here) that have just become my new favorite shoes!


Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is an even brighter day! Happy hump day!! See you next week!



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