Suede and Herringbone

Remember how I once talked about going through that rut where I can’t seem to put anything together?? Well, that’s sorta what’s been going on right now… The easiest solution for when this occurs- is to put the simplest of colors together. Black and white, gray and blue, you get the picture.


I was on the lookout for some Herringbone pants- and came across these leggings at Loft. They’re soft and are not very thick- so definitely good for those in-between weather days.  I honestly didn’t think I would style these leggings this way- I pictured them more with a chunky sweater and booties- but this is what happened when I came out of the house that morning.


Here, I styled them with a really really old sweater I bought from Forever 21– it’s got a peplum waist and a belt-tie.  Along with the sweater, the other ‘statement’ to this outfit are the boots! These suede tall black boots are from Nine West, last year’s fall/winter season. The closest version that I could find to mine are these- here.  (I linked another Nine West pair if you’re looking for a similar fit) They’re perfect for petites- just barely below the knee, and I wore them ALL THE TIME last year! (You don’t know how longly I’ve been looking at these boots for the last 7 months or so…) Needless to say, that I was very happy to actually wear them!


You can see the Herringbone print a little bit better in this picture, along with the suede detail! Anyways, hope your Thursdays ended well! Happy Friday’s eve!




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