Merlot anyone?

That moment when you upgrade to red wine makes you feel so grown up right? Merlot did that for me…’Why, yes! I would like a glass of your best medium-bodied merlot’ (don’t I sound fancy?)

Well I think all that complaining of unnatural warm weather paid off for a bit- we had some great cool weather today! In light of the cooler temps, I figured it would be appropriate to feature a coat.

The purples, burgundies, and dark and bold colors are one of the things I absolutely love about this season! I was on the search for a new jacket since the one peacoat I’ve had has been starting to fray (it’s held its own for a good 10 years), and I really wanted some color. Lo and behold, I come across this beauty for less than $100! The coat is a more of a wrap, there are no hooks or buttons that hold the two across besides the belt. It’s got pockets! (always a must in the winter!). I opted for the XS, the fit on my body was just right, but the arms were a little long- so I just folded them over (still looks cute!)


It’s a great transition coat- I easily got away with wearing just a thin blouse with no added layers and still managed to stay warm (albeit it wasn’t really that cold!).

Last thing I wanted to highlight on are these cute booties I picked up at Nordstrom Rack.  These Steve Madden booties (although they look a little more grey than taupe in real person) are super cute, and I wanted something that has that had that ‘sock’ look- (not sure if that’s what they’re called). They’re comfy and I sized up to make room for thicker socks.


Here’s hoping that the cooler weather sticks around for a proper season. Happy Tuesday!



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