October came by…

Today is Gandhi Jayanti (Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday). On a day that should honor non-violence, we woke up to hear the saddening and sickening news of the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last night. My heart goes out to the families of those who have passed and those who were injured. Love will always win, no matter what hate exists.

…to say hello…

Here we are another month into the year and one step closer to the holidays. LOFT is having an awesome sale- that ends tomorrow morning FYI! (50% off and free shipping). The weather here has been on and off- thanks global warming! Fall weather seems like it wants to come by, but can’t make up its mind if it’s actually ready or not- making preparing for the temp outside that more confusing. To sweater or to not sweater?


For confusing days such as these, LOFT carries these great thin, full sleeved sweaters that are comfortable in any weather. This cute polka dot sweater with bell-sleeves is a great neutral with a little pop. I had to wear a tank underneath (you know, standard protocol)- but since this sweater is nice and thin, it doesn’t make it too unbearable if the weather turns up in the afternoon.


Pair it with bold pants – such as these. Loft’s Marissa fit is a great petite pant- and the feel of these pants is nice and silky. Again, olive is definitely turning out to be the color of the season! I’m just waiting for it to get a little bit chillier so I can wear these with boots!


I completed the look with a statement necklace and shoes (both have been featured before!). And of course, not to forget my fav Ray Bans. Hope the rest of your week is filled with polka dots and flowers.




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