It may be Officially Fall…

…BUT it has yet to feel like it… so no, I can’t force myself to wear another sweater until the temperature drops…. no matter how much my soul is craving that cool air! Anyways, this weekend the hubby and I had an opportunity to go to a cute high tea (FYI my FAVORITE pass time) at Chauhan and I did not miss the opportunity to just soak in the 90 degree weather and enjoy another summer outfit and the heat.


I purchased this jumpsuit from Anthropologie as they were in the process of getting rid of their summer clothes in lieu of Fall…I have been waiting for the right time to wear it- as Nashville has been going through odd climate changes every week… Finally the high tea seemed like a good time to put this on before having to store it away for the rest of Fall/Winter. (Although, I’m surprised I even found it online since I had purchased it so long ago…)


The material is VERYYY Desi (Indian)… like I feel like I used to own a kurta or something of this exact material.. It’s lightweight and is absolutely comfortable. And it was so hot this last weekend, that I refused to add anything else to the ‘ensemble’ ! This was JUST enough 🙂

this picture may not do much for the outfit- BUT THAT MURAL IS SO COOL!

You will have to figure out the bra situation- just fyi! Even the regular strapless variety may not work since the ‘arm-hole’ is quite low. I purchased these from Nordstrom Rack with the backless option… I have never tried them before, but it worked REALLY well! I would suggest going down a cup size so that everything sits tight.

Well, the weather is looking like we’ll have cooler temperatures tomorrow… I’m not keeping my fingers crossed or anything, but it better get cold….



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