Monday Blues

So my start of the week was not as great as I’d hoped… with cold and fever and all… Thankfully, I’m feeling better and the Type A in me had posts planned ahead of time, so we’re still on schedule guys!!

I think we’re discovering more and more that Amazon carries a great selection of super affordable and good quality dresses that are definitely worth the purchase! I featured my first dress purchase from Amazon’s Ecowish vendor a while ago in a more summer appropriate dress (click here).  I decided to stick with Ecowish again, when looking for a more fall look. This dress turned out to be a really soft sweater material. The structure is more of a faux wrap and comes with a matching belt tie. IMG_4479

I really loved the fit of the dress- which I decided on based on the other reviews. The only issue with it was that it’s a little short in the front- and if you’re not wearing it with leggings- then just be careful not to unexpectedly flash anyone!


The material is definitely warm and did not require a tank underneath. Perfect for temps in the low 70’s/high 60’s. I combined the look with pink accessories- featured before… The shoes are from Francesca’s – featured before- (click here).


Here’s to a healthier week ahead!


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