Librarians are cool

I’ll call it for what it is- this outfit makes me feel like a Hogwarts librarian or something… which (let’s be HONEST) is totally cool! (I don’t even know if ‘cool’ is a socially acceptable term to describe something awesome, but whatever…) Still waiting for that letter to come in..


I’m starting to bring out items that were stored away from last winter. It’s funny how you find that one shirt or sweater that became your absolute favorite thing to wear… for me, it was definitely this cherry blouse from LOFT. I can’t tell you how many times I wore this shirt (or rather, I might be a bit embarrassed to share that), or how many ways I styled it! Adding this to my collection was one of those quirky ways where what I wore was really me!

this is my – ‘if you don’t behave, I’ll call the head master’ glare..

The teal cardigan is slightly newer- click here– I purchased it in Mystic Navy in a XS. I will be honest- it looks more teal than navy to me… LOFT doesn’t carry this in petite, but from one petite to another- you can make this work!!! If your shoulders are more on the narrow side, like mine- it might look a little larger- but this can be solved by rolling up your sleeves like I have done.

just kidding, I’m pretty chill! 

The pants in this feature are from Ann Taylor. They’re slightly cropped at the ankle – which makes them great for wearing with pumps! Sadly, I can’t find these on the website anymore, they may have been advertised as a summer pant.

darn it, I forgot my broom- maybe my cardigan can make me fly…

The shoes in this post are Michael Kors Kitten heel- the leather is Saffiano – rather than the shiny leather you see here – it may be that that leather type is no longer in mode, but same style of shoe.

Friday is almost upon us! Hopefully, the week hasn’t been too rough on you! See you soon friends!



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