Seeing Double

Mustard and Olives

So today, another woman at work told me that I looked nice, and how that my dressing style inspires the other ladies at work to up their fashion game. W-O-W! You may not have been there to see how large I was grinning from that compliment, but let me tell you, it was a great way to start the day! Not that I really dress for anyone else, but it was totally unexpected to hear that I can inspire someone else!

So here at Saffron Diaries, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. You might notice the new layout…and more importantly, I decided to change the way I’ll be posting! I figured it’s nicer to up the quantity within each post- adding a bit more content.


Today’s post features two outfits, The first outfit gives me a a 70’s feel. The top is actually from last season’s fall line at LOFT. It’s a sheer top (so tank required), but the print is super cute and I love how the wrists kind of pouf at the end of the sleeve.


I’ve been noticing the surplus of ‘olive-green’ at pretty much every store I peruse. When I saw this satin skirt at LOFT, I really loved the way it looked, and the fit was great! I opted for a petite 2 in size. Did I mention the pockets? They are functional and don’t drag down when you put your phone in them.



I like pairing colors that you don’t usually see together, especially for Fall. Mustard and olive green for the win!

Bell Sleeves and Tassels

I’ll be honest, I had every intention of taking these pictures using my SLR, but with the odd torrential rain that hit the city in the middle of the day, plans were changed! Thankfully, the rain led to some Starbucks time with my work gals! Bonding over warm coffee while waiting for the rain to subside was a nice little break in our usually hectic days.

I don’t usually buy a venti- but when I do…I share it with friends!

As you may know, sleeves are my thing! The bell sleeves on this shirt are super cute and the top pairs well with fitted pants. There are ties on both sleeves and on the back of the shirt. It is a little on the thin side, so you’ll have to wear a tank!


The pants and shoes have been featured before, but the necklace is new to the blog! It’s a long chain with tassels on the end, that you can wrap any which way you like. The necklace is from a small boutique here in Nashville- Hemline.


Hope you enjoy the little changes as Saffron Diaries evolves!



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