Like all good things…

Helen Series #3

And so the Helen trip series comes to an end! In today’s post I’ll  highlight some of the scenic beauty at and around Helen. There are tons of hiking trails here in this part of Georgia. You’re very close to the Chattahoochee National Forest, sort of capturing the mountains of the Blue Ridge while not being too high in elevation.

Of the trails that were possible for us to attempt (mainly due to time constraints, and the lack of proper gear), we went on the Duke’s Creek Falls Trail. It’s a little over a mile in each direction, so depending on how fast you’re walking, it might take you at least an hour – not sure how ‘run-able’ this trail is….There are TONS of waterfalls in this area, and it’s a shame if you don’t go see at least some of them. This trail was very easy (perhaps not for small children unless carried) and the waterfall at the end makes it really feel like you’ve accomplished something.

The entrance to this trail also sits along the Richard B Russell Scenic Highway. We actually took a wrong turn when we were heading back after walking the trail, but we are SO glad we did! The highway takes you deep into the Forest and provides you with rest stops off the road where you can park your car and soak in the view.


Segway to OOTD

Okay, that may not have been the best way to transition into outfit talk, but it’s something that I have to include, right? So before heading to Helen, we were actually in Atlanta for some work-related travel…. After having made so many quick trips to Atlanta, we finally made it down to Piedmont Park.

This outfit is a really casual look, something that I don’t really feature that often on the blog- not to say that I am always dressed the way I post… With fall coming its way into the year, I decided it was time to bring out the plaid. This cute front-wrap plaid top is perfect to ‘segway’ into another season. I recently purchased from Franchesca’s when they started putting out their fall line. They currently don’t have it in the same color that I bought it in- but here’s the other version- click here.


I paired it with jeans I’ve had in my stock from Nordstrom. The brand is Articles of Society – and they’re great for petites. Their jeans are soft and keep their shape! Here’s the latest version of the ones that I own (here). I own them in size 24, they do run a little large. Also- I do have to roll them up just a bit- but that doesn’t bother me! Shoes are older- Madden Girl (purchased at Macy’s).  The bag is Longchamp- it’s the small size ‘Le Pliage’ in New Khaki. I’ve had this bag for a while now, and it has most recently become my everyday bag. I can fit so much in there and don’t run the risk of it ever becoming too heavy!


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