Tiny little pearls

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but lately I’ve had such an inclination for pearls… Maybe it’s living in the South that’s bringing out these ‘Southern belle’ tendencies in me, who knows! Pearls are as classy as one can get, and the daintier the better! Zara has recently been adding pearly little details to their tops, and I’ve picked up two tops now, with pearl embellishments.


This t-shirt is looser on the bottom and more fitted up top. I thought it was perfect to pair with  tight high-waisted skirt (from LOFT last year) to bring in those fall colors. There’s a similar type of skirt Loft has currently – click here … Nice thing about a top with such flair, you don’t need that much jewelry to complete the look! For shoes, I went with the boots that I featured before (click here).


I’m having way too much fun prepping for the fall and winter months to come! Just put a warm cappuccino in my hand and we’ll be good to go!

I’m writing this while traveling, so it’s been interesting working on the blog while on the go! The hubby and I will be taking a little weekend getaway starting tomorrow, so I’ll be keeping you posted on some details on that !



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