The forbidden color (after Labor Day)

You know the adage, ‘no white after Labor Day’…apparently it was a fashion faux pas set up to distinguish a certain class of lady from another-  hence it’s complete irrelevance to today’s day and age… Wear white year round- wear whatever you want year round! Embrace you and your decisions and express yourself however you see fit! And more importantly, don’t tear down your fellow woman for wearing what she feels comfortable in! (okay, PSA done) I will certainly be wearing white whenever I see fit, so I see no reason for you not to!


Today’s outfit of the day is to embrace the last few days of summer. Cooler winds are making their way through the city and I cannot wait to jump on the sweater weather train straight into winter. But in the meantime, I choose to enjoy what nature has brought us!


Today’s outfit is light and airy, featuring a light blue scalloped/buttoned down tank with white flared pants. The top is from Banana Republic‘s summer line (and unfortunately no longer on their website!) The pants are a bit older (from Ann Taylor) but I love wearing a wide leg, even though I’m petite. Paired with a block heel, the look can elongate anyone of any stature.


I think the tucked in top look contributes to one sharp look, and adds more length to my legs. Let’s be honest, it’s all about optical illusions, is it not? I hope your day back to work/school/life after the long weekend was not too rough! Onward to Wednesday!




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