Rain, rain…

Go away…. Harvey’s storms have come this way to Nashville… and that got me thinking about the upcoming fall weather. Specifically about trench coats! Shorter trenches are pretty popular nowadays, but I’m a firm believer of the longer coat. I’ve had this London Fog trench for at least 5 years now and it’s definitely one of the best items I’ve added to my closet! Mine actually has a removable liner that provides extra warmth once the temperature drops.


Macy’s has a great collection of trench coats (multiple brands, price points, and colors). I opted for the traditional tan-colored look. You can also get a trench with a hood- which I wish I opted for- it comes in handy in the rain! This one is the closest I could find the one that I have- although it comes with a hood!


Here in Nashville, we’ve been getting pre-fall weather, so I decided that I did not want to wait for cooler temps to bring out the booties. The ones featured here are from DSW (size 6, color taupe). I was looking for a lighter taupe color booties- and these match the trench pretty nicely as well! All-in-all, booties and trench coats for the win! Happy Friday’s eve!


Hope those of you in Nashville are staying warm and dry! Be careful on the roads!



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