I promise that shirt is BLACK not BLUE…

Neutral, is far from anything I’ve been feeling lately. With my hometown under water, and oh-you-know- the daily ebb-and-flow of adult life has got me a bit drained. My brain can’t seem to try to put together outfits- it’s just one of those phases when my ‘A’ game is not where I’d like it to be.

Enter- NEUTRALS! Seriously- it’s days like these where I only want to wear black, white, and tan…. you don’t have to think, and pairing items is not the closet mind-game that I have to play in the morning before going to work!


The skirt- you’ve seen before – I featured it on Is it fall yet? (again, the skirt was from Ann Taylor – last fall season) This Flutter Top ( size XS) – is also from Ann Taylor (and currently on sale!) I actually bought it in the regular sizing instead of petite- since it was a bit longer in length – good for tucking in! As you all know, I have a thing for puffy sleeves, and these flutter ones were great! Ann Taylor has great ‘t-shirts’ that are soft and feel luxurious to the touch! I think they make great staples for work-clothes but can also be worn casually.

Here’s to hoping that you’re mornings before work/school/wherever are a little less stressful than mine have been! When in doubt- go back to the neutrals!


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