Color me happy

Thanks to all who have donated towards the Harvey Relief effort! Houston Loves you! We are trying to get the word out on what you can do if you are far from the disaster and want to help out! If you have time/blood/money to donate, please see my previous post on what you can do!

And back to the regular scheduled programming. The hubby and I recently took a quick trip to Atlanta. We have had to take quiet a few short trips to this city for work and although we haven’t gotten to properly experience Atlanta for all its glory, (i.e. do all of the touristy things), what we’ve seen so far is pretty awesome!


I think one of our favorite places to grab some food has been Ponce City Market! It’s basically an old warehouse/factory type of building that they’ve re-purposed as a retail/food hotspot. (Shout out to Fish Camp and  Botiwalla– our favorite stops for lunch!)

I had this beautiful scarf from Kate Spade that I’ve been wanting to wear out. I actually purchased this at the New York Kate Spade store (and I can’t find the exact one online, but they have others that are just as colorful). Silk scarves are so much fun, although I’m still trying to make it work in an outfit!  I initially had tied it around my neck like a tie, but then necessity called and I decided to tie my hair up with it. These scarfs are quite long so I just draped the rest around my neck. I actually featured the dress before (from Banana Republic).


The handbag is Kate Spade’s Hayes Street Small Isobel in a ‘saffron’ color (still available in black and cognac). The color of this bag was actually what inspired me to name the blog Saffron Diaries. It’s just a color that really speaks to my soul (Insert heart emoji here).

I look a little orange….

I love this bag- it’s not too large- so you don’t end up stuffing it with too much and making it heavy. BUT it has enough room to store the essentials. I’ve worn this as a cross-body and as a handbag for more snazzy occasions. And did I mention the color? It’s just such a fun POP that makes any outfit 10 times more fun!

Anyways, that’s all I have for today! Onto a happy Wednesday AND an end to the rain in Houston!



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