Hearts for Texas

My heart hurts. As some of you may know, Houston is my hometown. It’s difficult being so far away from everything and seeing the aftermath comfortably from home. It hurts even more this time, when I personally know so many friends and family that have been displaced in the worst ways possible.

I am very grateful for how lucky my family has been, although I know so many that have been less fortunate.

I am dedicating this post to how YOU can help. So many Texans need us to help them through this and move past this horrendous natural disaster.  Scroll down to see below how you can make a difference! I’ve given options for national and local charities and a few fundraisers that are also donating proceeds if you are interested in purchasing an item instead.


photo credit – unsure- taken from Instagram

National Charities: 

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

To Donate Blood- search for a local blood drive near you! 

America’s Blood Centers


American Red Cross

Houston Charities: 

Houston Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Food Bank

Texas-based Fundraisers:

TX Humor – 100% of proceeds go towards Harvey Relief BUT ONLY till MIDNIGHT today!

Texas Forever Shirt – proceeds are going to the Red Cross

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