Where everybody knows your name….

Okay, I’m pretty sure nobody knows my name at our neighborhood Target, but it wouldn’t be completely impossible given the amount of time we spend in that glorious red and white superstore…. My husband and I are a little guilty of ‘hanging out’ at Target instead of doing things that regular people our age do on a Friday night…

I know what I’m doing Friday night! 

Anyways, enough backstory….it’s a given fact that we all love Target. Everyone knows the drill- you walk in with a list of three things, and walk out somehow spending +$100 dollars… on what- – no one really knows…

playing into the tassel trend!

On one such Target run, I decided to peruse their clothing section. I usually don’t buy clothes there other than those  comfortable v-neck t-shirts and socks… mainly because I can NEVER find my size. Recently, a friend of mine hinted at the nice selection of dresses that they’ve been recently carrying- and well, I decided to see for myself!


The dress and earrings are from Target (of course). I really liked the material of it- it has a suede-like texture, but is light enough to wear for summer. I purchased the Brown Floral Print in size- XS. The dress is more of a pre-fall look- one that screams that boots weather cannot get here soon enough! Bring on the pumpkins (no but really, our grocery store already has pumpkins…)

The earrings are probably my first time buying tassel earrings made of thread- I’m usually hesitant because I wonder how long they’ll last before getting tangled or falling apart. I also usually shy away from long earrings- but these were not too bulky and looked slender next to my face! Shoes- you’ve seen these before (click here)- purchased at DSW.

This little shirt dress comes with a cinched waist, pockets, belt, and the option to roll up your sleeves. Once the temperature drops outside- pair with tights and knee high boots, and you are GOOD TO GO!

Is it too obvious that the two things I want right now are- a trip to Target and Fall weather??



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