Moves like…

Jagger? I have a thing for fluid motion. (wow that sounds dirty…) Today’s outfit feature are these amazing pants/skirt combo that I picked up at Anthropologie in the sale section! It’s such a quirky piece, and I love finding things like this (especially on sale!) They don’t have it on the website anymore, but they do have a bunch of different patterns still available (click here) I actually went with a size 2 regular instead of petite… which may be why the pants and skirt a bit longer down the leg on me versus the picture on the Anthro website…. which could be the look you’re going for if that’s what you want!


Since the skirted pants are such a bold color, I kept the top simple with a white v-neck t-shirt with layered necklaces and ‘nude’-colored shoes.

It’s all Kendra Scott.. (I may have a problem)

But seriously, let’s go back to the motion in this pant situation! It flows so nicely, that it totally ups the drama when you’re walking around…. It’s sort of got this Indian feel to it too! I think I could totally put together a ‘kurta-pajama’ (a type of Indian outfit) situation real quick… They were great for a work outfit- and perfect for transitioning over to date night!

Speaking of date night, it’s Restaurant Week in Nashville! Be sure to check out Nashville’s local restaurants and their awesome specials.



Anyways, Wednesday has come and gone! Hope you all have an amazing Thursday up ahead!


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