Path of Totality

Did you get to see the eclipse today? We here in Nashville were within the path of totality and it was quite a sight. There was an eeriness in the air as the darkness set- and the moment where we actually got to take off our glasses and gaze up at the eclipse was incredibly exciting! Definitely an experience of a lifetime!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, I decided to take a week-long hiatus from the blogosphere…. It was a much needed break after trying to recover from a cold and catch-up at work! Today’s blog post features a date-night number- something that I don’t feature that often since I focus more on work outfits (probably because that’s where I need the most inspiration) but variety is the spice of life!

nothing says date-night like bright pink heels

The piece-de-resistance of this outfit has to be the top. This Banana Republic beauty – (here) is a smooth-almost-satin-like dress shirt top with a daring one shoulder sleeve. I absolutely loved the ‘collar’ (I don’t know if you can call it a collar when it almost wraps around) but it gives the look a sophisticated touch while still maintaining a sense of adventure. For the added ‘drama’ I paired it with a pop of color in my shoes and handbag. Handbag has been featured before, and the shoes are a couple of years ago! (actually purchased for one of the events for my wedding)

I initially wanted to tuck this shirt in with shorts- but it runs down to your hips- making it a bit too long. Plus side for the darker skinned ladies- you will not have to figure out an odd solution for an undershirt – it was not needed!

Tassel earrings are definitely in- and these beauties are a nice metallic twist from the earrings you are probably seeing on everyone else right now…. They are a little heavy, but not enough for me to take them off ten minutes into wearing them!


Hope everyone’s Monday was as celestial as mine! See you all soon!


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