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I think we all know that Amazon is taking over the world. Now I’m not usually one to purchase clothing from an online retailer, especially one that isn’t really known for clothes, but there was a recent Buzzfeed article that grabbed my attention (sorry can’t find the exact link!) talking about summer dresses. I found this ECOWISH dress on their list and absolutely loved the print. Geometric shapes are not as popular or seen on the rack, but it’s always refreshing to change things up a bit! When shopping on Amazon- it’s always important to read reviews!! It was an added bonus that other customers will share pictures of them wearing the same dress.


Best thing about this addition was that it came out to about $16. The dress came with a matching pattern belt. The material is not as see-through as I imagined it to be, especially since it’s so light in color. It doesn’t feel cheap either! (Thankfully it wasn’t one of those, you get what you pay for situations, but we’ll have to see how this dress holds up) Laid out the dress looks a little boxy, but with the belt, the shape of the dress is very nice. Although, it is important to note that there are no belt loops on this dress, so you might be shifting it up and down throughout the day. I  could totally see this dress even as a Fall outfit- paired with a long black cardigan and booties. All-in-all, I was very happy with my small-risk purchase and the compliments at work were an added bonus!

Speaking of shoes, the ones featured here are from Franchesca’s (Alli Laser Cut Peep Toe Shootie) The color of the shoes matched the pink in the dress really nicely. When I saw these- I was immediately drawn to their color! It’s not everyday you see shoes with a little hint of pink in them. I usually wear a size 5.5, but the smallest size they come in is a 6. My feet fit well- but the upper part of the shoe is a little on the looser side (but this didn’t really affect my fit).


To accessorize this look, I wore drop down earrings (old) and a bow bracelet that I snagged at a Kate Spade Outlet store.


Onward to Thursday! Here’s to you finding that awesome and affordable find!

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