Is it fall yet?

As someone who grew up in Texas, I can’t stand the heat…. summers here in Nashville can be brutal-I CAN’T WAIT for FALL! Can we please fast forward a month or so? Please bring on the sweaters and scarves, and boots! Okay, okay, okay- back to reality… It’s only August 3rd, and we have a ways to go (insert sad face) !


there are some things I like about summer? 

Today’s outfit is an ode to fall, yet maintaining the coolness of a ‘summer’ time outfit…. It’s a bit of neutral on neutral, combining a tan/caramel color skirt with a white linen shirt. To add just a little flavor, I actually kept the accessories to a minimum, and only added an animal print in my shoes.


The linen shirt was actually purchased at J Crew Factory, while the skirt is from Ann Taylor. Shoes were purchased at Nine West. Since the skirt and the shoes were purchased all a while ago,  I’ll highlight some similar items for you to complete the look.  See here or here  (corduroy alternative) for other skirt options.

Having that extra touch of sass in your shoes is always nice- only up until recently, I usually stayed away from animal prints. But I guess with age, I’ve learned to embrace a little bit more of my ‘wild’ side. When you look at these shoes up close- they’re not symmetrical looking- one is clearly darker than the other… but it’s only the front portion- so it kinda looks like I’m wearing two different shoes, but I promise I’m not! I guess it kinda makes them quirky, and I like quirky.


For those of you looking for a higher heel- this is a good suggestion. Or if you prefer a kitten heel- such as myself- click here. There are way more options for leopard print heels than there are for brown skirts, apparently! For a full look of what DSW has: click here.

And that wraps up this episode of what to wear to work today! I hope you have found some of my suggestions to your liking! Have a good Friday and hello to the weekend!



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