Feminine and Twirly

straight chillin’ 

You know, just  lounging around the pool in my work clothes…. it’s the thing to do after a long day of work! Today’s work ootd features a light pink dress shirt (from Banana) with a fun and twirly skirt (real old- from XXI). It’s a nice contrast in style, yet the light colors go really well together for a summer time outfit. The light pink and tan is also a great way to wear an outfit of very similar light-ness without going white-on-white.

I love a midi skirt for work. This skirt flows in such a nice manner, and it kind-of has this awesome ripple effect when you walk…You get a professional look while still being fun and flirty. You can pair this skirt with dress shirts, blouses, and even sweaters in the winter. The closest that I’ve found in a similar style (and in multiple colors, might I add)  is from  Modcloth – see here. It’s definitely versatile and perfect for those days when you have something social to do afterwards.


To complete the look, I paired it with my (obviously) favorite shoes from DSW and a layered necklace worn outside of the collar. Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Happy almost- Tuesday!


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