Blush Pink Satin….

Blazer… You thought I was talking about something else, didn’t you? Some might say a woman on the petite side probably should not wear a long blazer…but to that I say – I’m just gonna do whatever I want! Anyways, this was the blazer that I was referencing on Instagram- it was the other purchase I had made for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (that is still going on- until August 6th)!!


The blazer is really soft and satiny- making it perfect for the summer- which sounds weird to say, I feel like blazers are usually equated with colder temperatures. Even in the Nashville sun, this addition to the closet was a good choice. I paired it with some basics- a white tank,  black leggings, along with some fun heels that are in a similar color palette. I think most important accessory was the super-chunky necklace! Both shoes and necklace are a older. The necklace was purchased online at Ruche(which if you haven’t heard about this website- they kind of remind me of Anthropologie- but a tad bit more affordable).  I don’t think the chunky necklace is as ‘in’ as it was before- it’s more about the dainty, layered set- but I think that for this simple look, it’s a nice addition!

Shoes are Steve Madden- but from a ways back – here are some similar ones (here or here).  Might I add- that I’ve completely busted through the heels of these shoes (insert sad face) – the cobblestone-like sidewalks around the office are no friend to pointy heels- but that doesn’t stop me! (Disclaimer- it probably isn’t safe to wear shoes that are coming apart- I promise I will get them fixed…)

I hope everyone’s week is off to a nice downward slope to the weekend! (tomorrow is Friyay!)

downside to chunky necklaces- they flip over….. ALL THE TIME!

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