just chill.

So far, I’ve posted mostly work outfits- since they seem to at the top of my head- and what I focus on for 5 of the 7 days out of the week… but sometimes I feel like dressing for the weekends can be just as difficult.. At least for work, most of us have a uniform, in the sense- that we know what we can or cannot wear…And, while I stand in front of my closet before embarking upon brunch or any other weekend activity- I’m sometimes a bit unsure what I should wear… (do you know what I’m talking about?- or is it just me?)

As someone who just barely grazes the 5′ mark- heels are a usual part of my daily attire, but as I get older I find it more and more important to give me feet a break! I was on the lookout for slip on sneakers (why does this word make me feel so old?) that were comfy and cute! I wanted something with a little bit of a thicker sole- to protect my feet and of course- give me at least a quarter of an inch vertically. After some sole-searching (hah!) I found these Sperry’s to be the perfect fit. I made the big mistake of breaking them in on a trip to NYC (not a good idea) but they fit beautifully now!



These come in multiple colors- but I found the grey to be my favorite! I couldn’t get myself to by them in bright white- for fear of them getting dirty, etc. They are pretty versatile, and did I mention comfortable?

Everyone’s been buzzing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that goes on until August 6th. I managed to only pick up a few things that I really wanted/needed- and this cute asymmetrical ruffle shirt was one of them (the other was a blazer- will show later!). It’s really soft and comfortable- not to mention satisfies my needs for funky sleeves and frills. I wore it here with some standard black leggings and my Ray Bans (of course!)


Anyways- it is my goal to start showing off some more looks than just work.. After all, where’s the fun in that?

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