Basic, not in the PSL sense, but more in the black and white sense… Last week was a lot about color and sporting the brights of the season. However, sometimes it’s nice to sport a basic black and white look while not looking like a waiter (or whatever, maybe that’s the look you’re going for!). When I peruse a clothing store, I like to look for that unique top, something displaying a beautiful pattern, or embroidery (I loveee embroidery). Zara is way ahead of style from what you usually see in the US- and they find ways to incorporate popular trends in different ways. Speaking of embroidery – this top does a great job of giving that delicate look while being constructed of a more leathery material.



Of course, you will probably will have to wear a tank underneath this top (especially for work outfits). I paired this with what I call my sailor pants (from LOFT a couple of seasons ago) This top is long enough to be tucked in while also being worn out with tights. For accessories, I wore my favorite Kendra Scott necklace (I wear this one a lot don’t I?), snake skin pumps (seen before here ), and watch.  See, sometimes a basic outfit can stand out!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! See you guys soon!

Pockets… or lack thereof…


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