Sunny Fridays

Hey Saffron readers! Today’s the last day of my week long work outfit feature! I’ve actually had a blast doing this little project, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! Friday is here and the highlight for today’s post is the color yellow! I’m talking sunshine, when I mean yellow. Unfortunately, Nashville did not agree with me on the sunshine, but thankfully it was a few degrees cooler! I feel like yellow doesn’t get the right rep it should when it comes to outfits- especially this shade of bright yellow. Since it was casual Friday, I paired this wonderfully sunny top with denim pants. The top is from LOFT ( of course!) and is a lightweight sweater top. However, if you are darker skinned- such as myself- you will probably have to wear a tank top underneath…The sleeves are fun and flirty and I love the feminine look that they offer this top. You could definitely pair this with a high-waisted skirt or an A-line skirt as well.

excuse me, while I get back to this text….
For the complete look, I paired it with denim pants from Banana Republic. They look like jeans but they are very, very soft! The pants are on the thinner side so they are comfortable to wear in the heat. Shoes- I’ve blogged before! see Floral Monday   The necklace is from LOFT  as well, but from a few seasons ago. Sunglasses are from Ray Ban.


This week project has been a very fun endeavor for me and I’m excited to continue sharing with you all! Peace, love, and a little saffron!

the moss matches my shirt !

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