Wednesdays are always Colorful

At least we want them to be, right? What other way is there to celebrate ‘hump’ day? We’re on that downward slope to the weekend! Anyways, I think some of you guys were quite excited about the print that I featured earlier today on Instagram, so here it is! Today’s summer work #ootd is featuring a very colorful skirt. When I was searching for a new skirt to add to the collection, I purposely wanted something that tastefully displayed a whole array of colors just so that I could wear it with many blouses that I already owned.  This ‘jungle print’ skirt is from Ann Taylor of course! And is currently on sale!

Jungle print for the win! 


You can dress this down with a simple round-neck cotton t-shirt, or dress it up with a more sophisticated blouse. I’ve worn this with pink and neon green (see above and below) blouses, and even denim! The blouse is an old one, and it actually twists in the front for a nice billowing effect when you tuck it in. I like this look, especially with a high-waisted skirt. The shoes are older as well- but I’ve linked a similar style – here or here .

Let’s here it for Thursday, the prospect of Saturday is near!


Pondering in the sun….


You have to look serious when posing in front of a library…


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